Why It Is Crucial to Measure Brand Awareness

Lack of brand awareness presents a number of challenges to your organization. From zero customer engagement to leads that don’t go anywhere—when consumers don’t identify with your brand, they’re more likely to choose to deal with others.

In the modern business world, it is difficult to encounter a company that is the only one of its kind. For instance, if you want a tub of ice cream when you visit your local store, you’ll see numerous brands packed on the shelves. They’re all about the same cost and they all contain more or less the same ingredients.

So, what makes you pick one brand over the other? It’s the taste for some people. For many people, they like to choose a brand that is noticeable or that seems aspirational. For others, for instance, perhaps it’s the eco-friendly packaging that will drive brand identification and purchase intent.

What’s Brand Awareness?

When we talk about brand awareness, what exactly does that mean? Brand awareness is the extent to which your product or service is known to customers. You also need to know how visible you are to customers so that you can target your marketing appropriately. Your primary objective is to be the first brand that comes to mind when people think about your business area.

Why Gauge Brand Awareness Through A Market Research Survey?

The most effective way to measure your brand’s awareness is by using online survey software. Using an online survey tool, you can quickly roll out your survey with a click of a button to a large number of customers or prospective customers.

When you’re looking at your clientele, you want to become more aware of very detailed areas, so you need to be mindful with your questions. These questions may help you measure:

Brand Recognition

When a consumer displays a list of brands, do they recognize yours as a reputable option?

Brand Recall

Do customers think of one of your competing companies first, or do they instantaneously remember your brand first?

Brand Identity

Your marketing team is creating the identity of your brand. It is crucial to determine whether their efforts are continually successful.

Brand Trust

Trust in brands is more important than ever. Rarely is a day that goes by without news reports of data breaches and product recalls. You need to concentrate on making your brand as competent as possible, retaining your customers, and attracting new ones.

Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers can often be your brand’s walking commercials. By deploying your brand recognition survey using survey software, you can keep track of customer allegiance to your company.

Measuring brand awareness with a market research survey gives you the precise and insightful data you need to assess your business strategy.

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