Retain Your Best Employees Using Ambivista’s Online Job Satisfaction Surveys

As the nature of our work and the atmosphere of our workplaces change, it is important for managers to keep an eye on how their staff feels and how happy workers are with their day-to-day lives. In this article, we will explain how surveys on job satisfaction help workers feel a sense of job satisfaction and how it assists managers in keeping employees’ morale high on their respective teams.

Healthy and Productive Working Climate

When many workers travel to distant areas, their relationship with their work environment shifts. How do employees feel about their new “homemade” offices? How do they feel being away from their jobs and colleagues? Here’s an interesting statistic of job satisfaction:66 percent of workers state that their work environment helps them to work free of distractions.

There are big questions for managers to ask their staff on a continuous basis. You can do this with our job satisfaction surveys.

Role Clarification and Opportunities for Growth

Employees need to understand exactly what is required of them to bring the most value and to see their effect. Beyond knowing what they are going to do now, work with the workers to set career goals and milestones so that they can see their opportunities to improve.

Fair Compensation and a Real Appreciation

Today’s workers see jobs as more than just a paycheck. It provides a sense of purpose, community, and belonging. But for workers to feel happy and involved in their jobs, they need to feel like they are being compensated and respected equally for the work they do. We ask thousands of employees how they feel about the way they value their company and here’s what the research shows:

  • 44 percent of workers do not feel that they are adequately paid when their contributions, expertise, and experience are taken into account.
  • 32% of workers do not agree that the manner in which their pay is decided in their workplace is equitable.

Given the current pandemic, now is the perfect time to conduct your own online job satisfaction surveys. Doing so would allow you to tap into many of these same issues. This way management can focus on improving job satisfaction among its teams.

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