The Importance of Using Ambivista’s Job Satisfaction Surveys

When employees are engaged, they are focused on helping their organization achieve its objectives. They’re committed and work efficiently, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Job satisfaction, on the other hand, is more about whether or not team members feel happy and satisfied. Job satisfaction makes employees remain with their organization for longer periods.

It is possible for some employees to be satisfied with the job without being highly motivated and engaged.

Think of the kind of individuals who only wants a secure, comfortable job. They might be very satisfied with their positions and still show a low level of engagement.

However, you can’t have a high level of engagement with low job satisfaction. Very few people can remain motivated and productive when they are not satisfied with their jobs. Improving job satisfaction is one of the first steps to increase engagement in an organization.

Even for employees who may never be highly engaged, it is still important for you to measure and promote job satisfaction within your organization.

Here’s why:

The Importance of Conducting Job Satisfaction Surveys:

Evaluating job satisfaction correctly tells you how your team feels. You can use this data to improve all of these things:

Employee Retention

It’s hard to retain employees unless they’re happy to work for you. Job satisfaction makes employees less likely to leave for another job.


It makes sense that unhappy employees will not make the same effort at the workplace as compared to those who are actually satisfied with their jobs. High job satisfaction may make employees twice as productive as their co-workers who are not satisfied with their jobs.

Company Culture

Employees who are not satisfied with their jobs become toxic over time, harm company culture, and create a negative working environment. On the other hand, employees who are satisfied with their jobs are more likely to be supportive and engaged.

Survey on Job Satisfaction Helps You Create a Happier Workplace!

Ambivista employs a full-service approach with our online job satisfaction surveys by managing your research endeavours from A to Z. Our team of employee satisfaction survey experts can establish internal baselines, create custom employee satisfaction surveys aligned with the intricacies of your specific organization, oversee administration using our best-in-class technologies, and facilitate report-outs. Ultimately, we are able to get you the feedback that you need to drive meaningful change within employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

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