A Snapshot of the Employee Engagement Survey

For the accurate measurement of the employee engagement, an organization needs to choose the right set of tools. The best tool for employee engagement assessment should be precise. At the same time, it should be able to capture reliable and meaningful data. Some drivers can have a powerful impact on the employee engagement and these are listed below. Consider these things when designing your employee engagement surveys:

Recognition and acknowledgment: Recognition or acknowledgment of the performance of an employee makes a huge difference to engagement level. Thus, managers of an organization should remember that for better performance and engagement of employees, appreciation is a key driver.

Career advancement: Employees work hard with the desire for career growth. Thus, organizations should work towards creating opportunities for career development. If the desire of career development of the employees remains unfulfilled, there will be a lack of commitment from their side. This, in turn, can lead to low levels of employee engagement.

Manager involvement: The commitment of the direct supervisor and/or manager is also an important factor that contributes to the high level of workforce engagement. Managers are entrusted with the duty of recognizing talent and coaching employees. They should have the dedication to motivate employees by discussing their career opportunities and potential for growth.

Employee motivation: It is the responsibility of the leaders of an organization to explain the vital role of employees in reaching the organizational goals. Once the employees realize their individual contributions to the success of an organization, they will be motivated to work harder. Thus, it is the duty of the senior leaders to inspire the employees by helping them to realize the vision of an organization.

Job satisfaction: To bring out the best out of the employees, it is important to create a harmonious atmosphere for them at work. Many times the employees are engaged in uninteresting and repetitive tasks which make them de-motivated. Thus, it is the responsibility of an organization to provide the employees with interesting tasks to maintain high levels of employee engagement.

Why is an employee engagement survey needed?

  • It gives employees an opportunity to voice their opinions
  • It helps to accurately access the levels of employee engagement.
  • It provides a platform to give more opportunities to employees for improvement.
  • It helps to identify the strengths of an organization.
  • It helps to prioritize the efforts of the workforce.
  • It helps to identify and implement the most cost-effective opportunities.
  • It makes employees aware of the vision, mission and the strategies of an organization.
  • It helps to benchmark the results to the global, national, regional and the industry-specific data.
  • It provides insight into the financial performance of an organization in the future.


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