How to Conduct Pulse Surveys Successfully

Pulse surveys or regular short surveys should be an essential part of an organization’s planning activities. They can be used to determine problems related to employee engagement. They can help your organization take immediate action and to monitor improvement. This type of survey is a frequent and quick survey. It is designed to be carried out at an interval of a couple of weeks. It does not necessarily have to deal with complex questions. Such surveys can be done using Internet survey software rather than using in-house software. The benefit of using such software is that it can be improved constantly incorporating new features. You can hire survey administration companies to professionally and effectively conduct the surveys for the benefit of an organization.

Things to consider for creating successful pulse surveys:

Maintain confidentiality: This is an important aspect to consider while carrying out such surveys. It is mandatory for an organization to gain the confidence from employees. The employees should trust the organization to carry out these surveys confidentially. Otherwise, you cannot expect honest feedback from the employees.

Empower decision-makers with ownership: Organizations should assign the ownership of the employee feedback to the decision-makers. This will help them formulate plans and take action. They should be given role-based real-time reporting dashboards with the closed-loop corrective action plans.

Lifecycle feedback: Lifecycle feedback allows organizations to analyze trends in employee engagement all throughout the year instead of just once annually.

Easy-to-use platform: It should be easy for managers to implement the annual engagement pulse surveys. The platform should be user-friendly. Such platforms should help organizations get real-time feedback to implement programs fast. To empower managers to make the required organizational changes, they should be given reporting dashboards.

Top-level commitment: To carry out these surveys successfully, a high level of commitment is required from the top level. Without the commitment of the senior management and the decision makers, you cannot expect full dedication of the employees to the survey process.

Reporting done at team level: To get the best results, reporting should be done at the team level. Management should take immediate action based on the reports.


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