How to Improve Employee Engagement in Healthcare

The competition in the healthcare industry has increased greatly over the last few years. For healthcare organizations, it is important to invest in employees, patients, and the entire brand experience.

Employee engagement is important for the success of any organization in this new era of healthcare consumerism. While notions like employee satisfaction are important, employee engagement takes this a step further. In particular, employee engagement is concerned with employees’ deep emotional investment in the company’s values and goals.

Successful employee engagement is imperative for many reasons:

Reduce mistakes

When nurses and staff in the healthcare industry are more engaged, committed, and emotionally-involved, it will improve the performance of the U.S. health system by reducing mistakes.

Increase productivity

Highly engaged healthcare staff leads to high-quality patient care, satisfaction, and enhanced performance that cannot be overlooked.

Enhance patient safety

When employees are more engaged, they become more concerned about the patient’s safety, and they all work together more cohesively to enhance patient safety.

Boost revenue

More engaged workers help boost revenue and achieve departmental and organizational objectives.

These are some benefits of improving employee engagement in health care organizations. These organizations must focus on investing in engagement initiatives to improve employee engagement. To do so, develop a holistic picture of current processes and begin to hone-in on improvement areas.

You can gather useful insights, both qualitative and quantitative, through surveys. Surveys help you shed light on the current state of your organization, including but not limited to its: overall satisfaction level of employees, perceptions of culture, interdepartmental communication, group dynamics, concerns, improvement ideas, and more.

When it comes to gathering insights, it is important to start your healthcare research by collecting data from the right people. Using Ambivista’s Online Survey Tools, you can gather insights from a variety of employee audiences such as Clinical Practitioners, Health Educators, Pharmacists and Lab Technicians, Healthcare Payors, Office and Department Managers, Equipment Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, and Researchers.

Ambivista offers solutions for a broad range of healthcare-related organizations including hospitals, medical and dental practices, urgent care, community health & wellness centers, medical equipment companies, pharmacies, medical research companies, long-term care facilities, and laboratory & diagnostic facilities.

For survey consulting services, feel free to get in touch with the experts of Ambivista. Keep your patients happy and your healthcare organization runs smoothly.

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