Design a Beautiful Survey to Encourage Participants to Take It

The look of a survey often decides how likely users are to respond to it. Many people think that the purpose of a survey is just to function well and just get the job done. However, if you want to encourage participants to take the survey, pay particular attention to the aesthetics of your survey.

According to research, people are more influenced by the visual appeal of an interface. Extending this notion to surveys, your respondents are more likely to react positively to your survey and find it easier to complete when designed carefully.

A beautiful survey doesn’t mean that it needs to be associated with glamorous high-fashion design. You need to add well-documented aesthetic usability to your survey. Font, color, and texture are some factors that are basic mechanics of graphic design or user interface creation. Taking these things into account will help your survey function well and get the job done.

Along with the presentation, make sure to design a survey that is easy to understand, follow, and complete. Some tips are given below on how to design a beautiful survey:

Use of color and texture

To make your survey look nicer, perform strategic and appealing use of color and texture. Make sure to keep the visual design of your survey in mind so that it allows your respondents to follow the logical order of the system. Minimalist designs are a better option as they allow the respondent to follow and process pertinent information much more quickly than alternative designs.

Consider the hierarchy of fonts

Include an intelligent hierarchy of fonts and make your survey easier to understand. Make sure to keep the typography style and size consistent and clear. For instance, all titles in your survey should be of the same size and larger than subtitles.

Page layout

Consider the placement and size of the survey items on the survey screen. Make the layout simple and clear to increase the readability. Intricate and distracting background picture could mislead the eye; thus, you should keep it clear, practical, and simple.

Focus on structure and clarity

Keep your questions simple and easy to understand. With complex survey questions, you will not get the best response rate even if you have a great layout and have a clear use of fonts. Along with stellar aesthetics, make sure to research your target audience.

Consider the above-mentioned tips for survey creation to increase the response rate of your survey.

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