3 Types of Employee Satisfaction Surveys That Will Help Your Business

As is common these days, organizations often choose surveys to measure employee satisfaction. With the help of employee satisfaction surveys, businesses can shed light on elements of their culture and corporate structure to understand how they can improve.

It is important for every organization to understand if their employees are happy and satisfied with their allocated work. Employees will be less invested in their projects and work as a whole if they lack genuine satisfaction in their role and the work that they do.

Due to its flexible nature, surveys are an amazing tool for evaluating employee satisfaction within any organization.

3 Types of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Here are some types of employee satisfaction surveys that will benefit your business:

Job Satisfaction Survey

To find out how employees feel about their day-to-day work, conduct a job satisfaction survey. Gather insights from a job satisfaction survey by simply inquiring about it. Consider including items on a five- or seven-point scale ranging from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”.

Self-Evaluation Survey

With self-evaluation surveys, you allow employees to perform a self-evaluation of their experiences. On a day-to-day basis, you can derive insights by asking about the experiences that employees have. It is recommended to ask employees to compare themselves to average employees in the same position through performance-related questions.

Job Retention Survey

In this survey, you ask some preliminary questions that will provide insight into how to improve employee retention. With a job retention survey, you could ask employees about their job function, managerial level, about the department that they work, and more. Make sure to also include questions asking how long employees intend to stay with the organization.


It is important to determine the appropriate employee satisfaction survey for your organization and to know how they fit into your overall employee experience strategy. Unhappy employees always affect the success of the organization. To retain talented staff, you need to go beyond the benefits and compensation to improve employee job satisfaction. Once you have distributed the survey to the targeted audience, wait for the results. After collecting it, analyze the survey data and work on the feedback to modify the workplace accordingly. Make them feel that they are heard and their opinion matters. After analyzing the survey data, implement changes in key identified areas to increase the level of loyalty and satisfaction among employees.

To understand meaningful engagement and employees’ relationships with the organization, create and conduct the custom surveys to understand the opportunities for growth and advancement in the organization.

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