How to Achieve a Goal in 5 Steps

When you do not achieve goals, you may feel defeated. However it is not that you are not good enough to achieve goals. Your methods of trying to accomplish a goal may be the issue. A blog post by Pick the Brain highlighted five simple steps to help you be exactly where you want to be.

Step 1: Pick one goal. Many people have a laundry list of goals. However, when you pile on too many goals, it is easy to be overwhelmed and quit. One success is better than multiple failures. Pick one goal and devote all of your energy into it.

Step 2: Make success measurable. Some goals are too general and subjective. When your goals are too vague, it is difficult to track progress. Create quantifiable, numeric goals. You can more easily track the progress you have made in accomplishing your goal.

Step 3: Break the goal into smaller pieces. Many goals are large and challenging. Because they are so large, it will take a lot to feel a sense of achievement. You may feel like you are working so hard but not achieving a result. Instead, break your goal into smaller more manageable chunks. By achieving one small chunk at a time, you will have a greater sense of accomplishment one piece at a time.

Step 4: Plan how you will achieve each step. Determine how you will achieve each step of a goal. Know exactly what you have to do to accomplish the smaller chunks.

Step 5: Get going! At this point you should know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. Now is the time to go for it! Prepare yourself for obstacles and setbacks as they will happen. Most importantly, keep moving forward!

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