Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Those who are star performers at work tend to be those that are emotionally intelligent. These are the individuals that stand apart from the rest of the pack. A recent Huffington Post article highlights 18 key characteristics of emotionally intelligent people:

  1. They have a robust emotional vocabulary.
  2. They are curious about people.
  3. They embrace change.
  4. They know their strengths and weaknesses.
  5. They are a good judge of character.
  6. They are difficult to offend.
  7. They know how to say no to themselves or others.
  8. They let go of mistakes.
  9. They give and expect nothing in return.
  10. They don’t hold grudges.
  11. They neutralize toxic people.
  12. They don’t seek perfection.
  13. They appreciate what they have.
  14. They disconnect.
  15. They limit caffeine intake.
  16. They get enough sleep.
  17. They stop negative self-talk in its tracks.
  18. They don’t let anyone limit their joy.

Want to increase emotional intelligence in your workplace? Ambivista can help to design a survey to assess your employees’ levels of emotional intelligence. Our consultants can also work with you to help increase the emotional intelligence of your employees. Contact us today!

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