Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

Do you think that your company’s products and services meet the expectation of your customers? How exactly do you know? While side-conversations and online reviews are helpful, do they truly show the full picture?

The methodology to gain the most comprehensive picture is through actual customer satisfaction research. By engaging in continuous customer satisfaction research, businesses are able to highlight different aspects related to their products, services, or operational processes.  In all, regular insights from customers help businesses leave the customers fully satisfied, and ultimately grow.

There are many ways available to measure the customer satisfaction. To help you out, we have outlined some popular ways below:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Asking your customers directly is the first option for measuring the customer satisfaction. A survey is the most effective way to capture feedback from your customers.

Post Purchase Evaluation

Gathering the survey feedback from customers at the time of sale is one of the most effective ways to assess customer satisfaction. You can present a survey link on your receipt or leverage Ambivista’s SMS service for the most expeditious collection of post-purchase feedback.

Pulse Satisfaction Surveys

When organizations want to monitor the satisfaction of groups of customers, they may opt for pulse satisfaction surveys. To provide a true snapshot of the customer experience and their expectations, these types of surveys are generally completed at set frequent intervals.

Continuous Satisfaction Tracking

Continuous satisfaction tracking is arguably the most direct way of ensuring individual customer retention. This can be accomplished by obtaining survey feedback from a specific customer. To track the satisfaction of specific customers across times, continuous satisfaction tracking provides a means.

Net Promoter Survey

If you want to know how willing a customer is to recommend a product or service, then opt for Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), part of a Net Promoter Survey, is a customer loyalty metric that is one of the strongest predictors of whether a customer will return and stay loyal to your brand.

NPS helps you determine how customers not only perceive, but also how they represent an organization to others. In cases of positive representation, this equates to free marketing that substantially increases organizational growth. Individuals are substantially more likely to consider that recommendation when an individual receives a stellar referral for a product or service from a trusted source.

If you want to create your own customer feedback survey in a matter of minutes, then get in touch with Ambivista. We can help you to design the most effective survey to measure customer satisfaction by revealing insight into customer preferences, loyalty, and their overall experience.

Follow the above-mentioned ways to measure the customer satisfaction level regularly. After all, businesses survive or exist with strong satisfied customer base. The consumer holds the true power in the business landscape and thus it is a powerful method for growing your brand.

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