Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important After Shopping

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are heavily influenced by the quality of your in-store customer experience. If you want your company to succeed you must manage and track the customer experience.

One tool which perfectly meets this requirement is customer satisfaction surveys: satisfaction surveys sent instantly after a purchase

This article explains why you should use them and what benefits they provide In order to help you build your survey.

Satisfaction surveys – An important tool for managing and improving your customer experience.

The customer experience is critical. If you want your consumers to associate with your brand and stay loyal in the long term, as well as to encourage them to buy more and bring in more revenue, you must constantly improve your Customer Experience.

Surveys are a consumer information tool which an help you improve your customer experience.

According to one study, more than 70% of customers say they will spend more money in a store if they have a positive customer experience. A positive customer experience increases revenue. The only way to improve it is to track customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction Surveys are ideal for this purpose.

Satisfaction surveys can assist you in identifying:

  • What is most important to your customers and the so-called “moments of truth.”
  • Sources of satisfaction and, conversely, sources of discontentment.

You will learn more about your customers’ needs, expectations, and standards by conducting surveys.

They allow you to qualify your customers’ experience with your brand. Also, to learn more about yourself, what your customers really like about you, what distinguishes you from your competitors, what your brand name is, and where you can focus on improving.

With this knowledge, you can take action to improve your customer experience.

Three Important Aspects of the Retail Customer Experience:

What factors influence your customer experience, i.e., how your customers see our brand? In the retail business, there are three basic elements:

Services You Provide

Your in-store welcome, the support offered by your sales staff, the general environment of the shop, the décor, organization (is it easy to locate your way around the shop?), any benefits offered, and so on.

Products You Offer

Your product quality, bang for the buck, packaging, special offers, and so on.


The quality of experience should be the same in-store as well as online. To adapt to the modern customer’s omnichannel purchasing behaviour,  your customer journey should be smooth and easy.

Customers can share their honest feedback and experiences with you directly through surveys; you come across any unsatisfied customers in the survey results, take advantage of the opportunity to turn them into promoters. Now you’ve discovered the main advantages of performing a Customer Satisfaction Survey, it’s time to put them into action to help your company expand. At Ambivista, we will provide you with the best customer satisfaction survey tools to help you create the most successful surveys so you can learn more about how your customers feel about your business. It can also help you assess whether or not the steps you’ve taken to enhance your products/services are successful, as well as increase customer retention.

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