360° Feedback Helps Improving Management Teams and Consequently Overall Business

Mostly used as a tool to aid professional growth in leadership roles, 360 feedback has proven to be successful in monitoring the performance of managers across the business. These assessment methods provide a forum for managers and co-workers to voice any issues, raise concerns, or express appreciation for their leadership style. A 360-degree feedback method allows employees to obtain confidential and anonymous feedback from people who work with them daily.

So, what exactly is a 360 feedback survey, and how can businesses use this insight to improve their management teams and, consequently, their overall business?

What is 360-degree feedback?

360 feedback is a tool which can be used to enhance leadership skills and get constructive feedback on their overall work performance. Generally, a group of colleagues, direct reports, and their manager fill out an online feedback form. This form would seek information about what their performance at work is like, what they are not supposed to do, and what they could do to enhance their productivity as managers.

Feedback can be used to feed into the employee’s career development plan and help build new goals and objectives for them to function on in the future. This will enable direct, genuine, and actionable feedback to be provided to your employees and, as a result, assist them in their professional improvement.

How does 360-degree feedback help departmental development?

In addition to direct benefits for managers, 360 feedbacks can help support departmental growth. Here are some of the important ways this can happen:

  • Helps employees acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enables staff to provide constructive, anonymous feedback to other members of the staff in an open forum.
  • Enable employees the chance to transform any behavior which may be detrimental to members of their team or other members of the office.
  • These may be used by senior management to set objectives for the department as a whole or to evaluate how the department is doing compared to others.

These survey questions are an organized way of offering productive criticism to the employee. Although they are meant for development, they are also a great place to share positive thoughts and opinions about co-workers.

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