What Do You Need To Do After A Survey?

As is commonly-known, custom surveys are effective tools for digging deep into the minds of customers and employees. To accomplish this, a high response rate with a representative sample is crucial. However, just having a good response rate doesn’t equate to a successful survey. There are many other factors as well that are related to survey success. Along with a great online survey tool, you should follow some of the below tips to increase your chances of having a successful survey:

Interact with users

Once a respondent has finished taking your survey, you should take advantage of the opportunity while you still have their attention. You could include a closing page with specific Call to Action or thank you page.

If you have provided a special offer or discount for taking the survey, let respondents enjoy it while you’re busy analyzing the data they’ve just provided.

Make sure to inform your respondents when they can see the results of the survey. Once they answered the last question, let them know about the expected result time. This will keep them engaged with your brand effectively.

Be patient

This may be common sense, but it is still worth noting: Have realistic expectations as it is not always possible that you’ll achieve a 100% response rate and finish your data collection in a single day. More than likely, assuming you are following best practices with survey administration, there are high chances that nearly 50% responses will come back in the first few days and about 87% responses will come back within the first week.

Publish Results

Once you received the results, share the results with your respondents through email, messages or social media. You can ask your respondents for their views about the survey results and include them for relevant discussions. Their suggestions can help you to make better marketing decisions and better improvements.

Create an action plan

After collecting the results, analyze the data with statistics and create an action plan.

Use the data to make smarter, more cost-effective marketing decisions. Make strategic changes after learning to better serve your customers. This will help to keep your customers coming back.

By following these best practices, you will engage your audience in a better way and substantially increase your chances of survey success.

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