The Ultimate Guide to Online Surveys – Getting Started with Customer Feedback

If you’re reading this, it means you’re likely considering building an online survey. Creating a customer feedback survey shows that you care about your customers and how they feel about your product or service.

Keeping your customers engaged and happy is crucial to the success of your business.

Food For Thought:

  • It is 25 times more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones.
  • The probability of successfully selling more to the current customers is 3 times higher than selling to prospects.
  • Improving your retention rate by 5% can boost your revenue by 95%.

You may be asking,  “How exactly do I keep customers engaged so that they continue buying my products?”

The solution – Building a customer feedback with the use of an online survey service.

The survey solution is a centralized, systematic process of collecting opinions and data, throughout the customer journey, which if acted on, can deliver clients’ expectations.

Why a Customer Feedback Program Matters

According to McKinsey, monitoring customer feedback throughout the customer lifecycle is 30% more predictive of clients’ overall satisfaction rather than evaluating their sentiments at a single point in time.

Moreover, online survey solution services offer a practical, centralized systematic program to listen to their customers. As you know, every customer is unique, regardless of the type of products/services they use or how they use them. Couple these differences with the fact that your customers are a group of diverse people, no single solution will fit all the preferences and needs.

Online survey tools are perfect for this as they give customers a quick, convenient way to offer thoughtful feedback, and they require less time to send and receive than sending them to a large group.

Once you have all the stats and understand the customer experience in detail, you will be able to deliver your services and products to clients with more value.

Build Your Customer Feedback Strategy from the Ground Up

In order to build an effective customer program, you need to hold a central role in the organization and have enough influence to deliver insight and recommendations to teams that can put them to use.

That implies you need to recognize goals, strategies, partnerships with the key team, and have a hand in your company’s leadership team to build a truly effective customer feedback program. In this section, we will help you build an effective customer online survey program that will meet your –

  1. Company’s needs

Justify the need for a customer feedback program. Then come up with a goal for your program, which should be aligned with the goals of your company. It’s best to have a clear, attainable goal for your program before you do anything else. That way, it’s easier to zero in on focused questions that deliver actionable insights.

  1. Matches available resources

Start by identifying goals that match your customer’s needs. Access the current challenges that your organization is facing and then reverse engineer those challenges into a clear-cut, realistic goal for your online survey.

  1. Gauge your internal resources

Be realistic about the time and resources you have available for your customer feedback program and how impactful it is going to be. The impact will depend on your resource quantity and the customer base you have.

  1. Wisely choose your Net Promoter Survey Score system

When you have the entire team and your executives together, you can choose the right NPS survey.

Calculate your NPS

NPS = % of Promoters – % of Detractors

Or if you want to get your NPS score in just a matter of clicks, you can subscribe to our NPS Program 

5 Survey Design Tips to Keep in Mind

Survey Design Tips – Questions to Ask

5 Survey Design Tips

Plan How Often to Use Your Online Customer Feedback Survey

This can be put in simple terms – The more customers you have to survey, the greater your result. Keep in mind that if you or your competitor are new in the market, you will have to take the results with a grain of salt. In fact, Ambivista’s online survey services give you a sense of how popular you or your competitors are, and with our customized templates, you can easily and quickly create a survey.

Analysis of the Data

When all of the data is collected from your customer feedback, it’s time to structure and make sense of it.

Your Net Promoter Score is the highest-level indicator of how things are performing. It is also the starting point for what you do with your results next.

Look for things that are alarming and require immediate actions. Or start digging deeper into your results. Your Net Promoter Score will be the first clue to device your plan of action. get

Get started with Ambivista’s online survey tools today!

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