The Ultimate Guide to Calculate Your Net Promoter Score

What exactly is your Net Promoter Score? In short, it provides a strong indicator if your customers will recommend your product or service to others. It discloses how content your customers are working with you. Last but not least, it measures your customers’ faithfulness towards your organization.

Your Net Promoter Score depends upon the question, “How likely would you recommend our product or service to a colleague or friend?”

The respondent is then allowed to select a rating from 0 to 10, which is categorized as follows:

  • Respondents with 0 to 6 rating are Detractors
  • Respondents with 7 or 8 rating are Passives
  • Respondents with 9 or 10 ratings are Promoters

Now, that you understand its significance, you must be wondering how you can score better. We will highlight this by offering specific strategy that can bring meaningful changes to your Net Promoter Score.

Whether you’re trying to fix your relationship with your customers or want to change their experience from good to excellent, you can acquire the skills to upgrade your Net Promoter Score by following some of the below tips.

1. Respond quickly and make sure to be available on different mediums of communication

According to research, in order to net the most positive outcome, your response time should ideally be 5 minutes or less by phone call, one hour or less through social media, and 24 hours or less through emails. As these numbers reflect customers’ expectations, try to respond in even shorter time if possible.

2. Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey once the issues are resolved

This survey will give you a chance to check if their concerns and issues were resolved while allowing your team to make timely alterations to the customer support experience.

3. Look for common issues in Detractors’ feedback

This will help you to give preference to your efforts. For instance, if there’s a particular issue in your product or a service which is troubling a large section of your customers, it requires more attention than an issue that’s only disturbing one customer.

However, keep the Promoters’ content and look for ways to enhance the experience for Passives by following the given strategy:

  • Take stats from your Promoters and use them for marketing
    • Customers’ beliefs will strengthen in your company when satisfied customers see the value that other customers experience. It’ll help encourage them to use and continue to use your service or product in more meaningful ways.
  • Fine tune your overall reputation as a brand.
    • For Promoters, a reliable and recognized brand can be the icing on the cake for keeping them faithful to your business, whereas for Passives, it can be the extra push that converts them into a Promoter. To set up a strong brand, pay attention to creating informative content.

It is important to Understand how to enhance your Net Promoter Score to run a successful business. So now that you’ve know this, you must be more confident about the future of your organization!

Do you want to conduct a Net Promoter Survey for your organization?

Take a look at the remainder of the site to see how you can create an effective Net Promoter Survey as well as many other survey types!

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