4 Ways to Administer a Good Qualitative Survey

Surveys help you to collect a lot of information about respondents’ needs and expectations. You can then use those details to adjust a service or product offering according to your needs. In addition, surveys enable you to gather information from large groups of participants in the shortest possible time.

It’s not necessarily difficult to create custom surveys, but it takes a lot of preparation and practice to make one. This article will provide a handful of best practices to follow when creating a qualitative survey.

1.Test your survey by following the below given procedure:

  • Get feedback from your colleagues after drafting the questions.
  • Ask your colleagues to attempt to answer the questions and leave comments after each question to help you redraft questions for more clarity.
  • Test the survey format with a small set of testers from the target audience.
  • Investigate the output from the test survey to make sure the data collected is analyzable and useful.
  • Revise the survey as needed.

2. Consider the medium

While there are several different options for delivering a qualitative survey (e.g., focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc.), none are as quick and time-efficient as through a solid survey platform.  

3. Ask the important questions first

As people tend to quit the longer a survey takes to complete, be sure to ask your most important questions first.  

4. Keep your survey short and crisp

Building off of the prior point, extra questions will reduce your response rate—and consequentially—the generalizability of your findings. So, try to make your survey as short as possible. Don’t add too many questions unless you have a highly motivated group of participants. To increase transparency, don’t forget to give an estimated time to complete the survey.

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