How to Measure Assess Brand Awareness in a Survey

Brand awareness can be measured in various ways. You can measure brand recall. Brand recall refers to customers’ ability to remember brands without any help. This is one of the most accurate measures of assessing how much a customer knows about your brand. Given that you are not providing any information, there is limited bias.

There are two questions to measure unaided brand recall. You can first ask:

How familiar are you with [product type]?

This would be a multiple choice question with the following response options:

Extremely familiar
Very familiar
Moderately familiar
Slightly familiar
Not at all familiar

Then, you would ask a second unaided brand recall question such as:

When you think of [product type], what brands come to mind?

This would be an open-ended question type. Respondents can simply write in what brands they associate with the product type.

To measure brand awareness, you can also measure aided brand recognition. Aided brand recognition measures how well a customer can recognize your brand within a list of competitors. You can ask questions like the following:

Which of the following brands have you heard of?
Which of the following brands have you purchased?
Which of the following brands do you have in your home?

The response options would include your brand as well as your competitors.

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