Employee Feedback Surveys Help Create a Healthy and Open Workplace Culture

An organization that values feedback, in which employees feel comfortable asking for and receiving feedback from their coworkers and management, can significantly alter how it functions. This is key in altering the employee experience.

However, input is generally given only once a year, at annual reviews or appraisals. Do you recall the last time someone complimented you on your work performance? It was probably too long ago if you had to ponder it for more than a few seconds.

Although getting feedback can be intimidating for some people, it is critical if you want to build motivated and high-performing teams. But why? The following are the reasons.

Helps Improves Employee Engagement

According to a survey, when employees receive little or no feedback, four out of ten become actively disengaged. The study also emphasised the need of providing regular feedback to employees.Employees that are highly engaged receive feedback at least once a week, compared to only 18% of employees who are less engaged.

Employees desire feedback, even if they don’t express it. With the younger generations of Millennials and Gen Y already accounting for a substantial section of the workforce, feedback is only going to become more important for businesses and in enhancing the employee experience. Millennials, dubbed the “most ambitious generation,” desire to keep learning and improving.

Aids In the Improvement of Working Relationships

Employees’ communication channels are opened by peer-to-peer feedback. This is especially important when there is a quarrel or tension between coworkers. Giving feedback is an opportunity to get things off their chests so that problems may be solved and new ways of working together can be discovered. Furthermore, regular feedback can help to avoid conflict in the first place. Small problems can be treated before they grow into something more serious.

It’s critical for employees to get feedback on how they’re doing in their jobs and where they may improve. But we’re not talking about annual evaluations or reviews. Organizations, on the other hand, require a healthy, open culture in which employees provide and receive feedback on a regular and flexible basis.

Instils A Sense of Purpose Among Employees

We all want to belong and be valued as individuals. In the workplace, this is feeling valued for the work we do and the value we offer to the company, as well as understanding that we are part of a larger team with common goals.

We gain a sense of purpose from knowing that we are valuable and valued. It demonstrates that our work has significance. This is what motivates employees to come to work every day and give it their all. We can show our staff that they are valued and helpful by providing regular feedback. Even negative criticism can motivate people to strive for higher levels of performance. Any feedback, positive or negative, will reaffirm to your employees that what they’re doing is worthwhile.

So, there you have it. Improve your culture and the employee experience at your workplace today by launching an employee survey or 360 feedback campaign.

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