360 Feedback – Why Is It Worth Considering?

Today we’re going to discuss why it is important acquiring360 feedback as a leader.

What exactly does this imply? It’s a chance for you to acquire anonymous feedback from people in your organization who are above you, below you, and beside you (i.e., co-workers or peers), and of course, yourself.

So, what’s the big deal about this? It takes a lot of guts to open one self up to what others may be thinking and have always wanted to share. The beauty of 360 assessments is that your raters are allowed to stay behind the safety net of anonymity, so they tend to be more forthcoming.

What are the benefits of 360 feedback? If you’re a leader who wants to advance in your organization, take on additional responsibilities, earn more money, and be more recognized, you need to know what areas of development you should focus on.

So maybe it’s an area where you can improve; you might discover that you don’t pay attention as well as you believe you do. Receiving their input may also reveal that you lack strategic thinking.

And all the leaders who have received 360-degree feedback and taken it seriously enough to create an action plan for themselves to develop and modify certain leadership patterns. They are the ones who are more well-known, who are more likely to get promoted, and who earn more money.

It’s worth considering. So, are you ready to engage in a leadership transformation?

At Ambivista, we invite you to explore our 360 Feedback tool and appraisal process, Complete View™,which provides valid feedback that is invaluable for leadership development.

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