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Advantages of Intercept Surveys and Why Do We Use Them

Intercept surveys can better comprehend your visitors’ actions and intentions. While a website analytics service like Google Analytics may help you to understand what users do on your site, it doesn’t help you to understand the reasons behind the data. An effective instrument that closes the knowledge gap and aids in customer or user research is website intercept surveys. For instance, Google Analytics can help you find the websites with the greatest bounce rates. Finding a way to reduce the bounce rate is the next doable move. You might waste time making ineffective changes if you don’t have a proper grasp of the reasons why your visitors are abandoning the website.

Intercept surveys are less intrusive than traditional pop-up surveys and give your visitors a way to communicate with you. If your website receives a steady stream of visitors, intercept surveys are the perfect tool for you to gradually gather input to enhance your customer experience.

The fact that website intercept surveys offer feedback in real time is a significant advantage. Email surveys are the most common method of gathering input, but because they are not sent in real-time, the context is lost and response rates may be low.

Advantages of website intercept surveys

Greater response rates

Response rates can reach over 50% when the targeting options are used to their maximum potential. Because you can engage users using targeting and trigger options, you will usually see better response rates when using site intercept surveys. You can also set up various intercepts at various points during a visitor’s web experience, which allows you to pose better questions and make more pertinent calls to action.

Feedback in real-time

Asking for feedback soon after an interaction is essential to get more precise and in-depth responses from respondents about their interactions’ experiences and emotions. For instance, if you introduce a new feature to your website, you could start the intercept survey after the use of the feature to learn more about how it is being utilized. Additionally, you can react and take action right away in response to the unfavorable visitor or customer encounters in order to resolve the problem. In order to lower the rate of cart abandonment on websites with checkout purchases, this is particularly crucial.

Reach out to all demographics

You won’t always have all of your users’ email addresses. Even if you don’t have any of your visitors’ private information, using Intercept surveys will give you the chance to ask for input from each and every one of them. Making the feedback available to all visitors to your website removes some bias from the answers that were gathered.

You can also target specific user groups and request input from them. You can segment your data by behavior, demographics, device use, or location using our sophisticated targeting.

Use the website intercept surveys from Ambivista to gather more feedback right away!

Ambivista’s Site Intercept Surveys allow you to capture in-the-moment feedback so that you can learn from and captivate your website visitors, ultimately turning a visitor into a customer.

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