8 Topics You Should Include in Every Employee Engagement Survey

As is common these days, companies are looking for new ways to measure employee engagement. Pulse surveys and real-time analytics are two effective ways to poll employees, but they are not used on a large scale and should be. Even today, most companies use large-scale and formal surveys to gauge employee engagement.

Do you want to get the most out of an employee engagement survey? If so, focus on including the right types of questions in your survey to focus on specific drivers of performance. The emerging trends in business and technology change the way employees work. Therefore, it is important to glean employee insights regularly.

Questions in an employee engagement survey should be effective enough to understand if your employees feel motivated to put a lot of energy and effort into their work.  Include questions that would be able to inform you more about your employees’ and their productivity. When designing survey questions, focus on these employee performance drivers:

Understand the company goal

Employees need to understand how they can perform better in the organization. Survey results should show if employees are able to understand the firm’s goals and the link between the organization and their own work. Therefore, include questions in the survey to find out if employees contribute to the strategic goals of the company.

Relationship with coworkers

Every organization wants their employees to be comfortable working with others in the same office. High-performing employees tend to seek ways to learn more about their tasks and often pass what they’ve learned on to other employees. This ultimately boosts the overall productivity of the organization.

When you conduct an employee engagement survey, consider including questions related to some of the below topics:

  1. Are you happy with your workplace culture? If not, why?
  2. Do you feel comfortable with your teammates and the organization?
  3. Does your manager provide you with timely feedback about your work?
  4. Which aspects of the organization need improvement to make it a better place to work?
  5. Do you understand how your work affects the organization’s business goals?
  6. Do you think the organization’s work is positively impacting employees within the organization?
  7. Does your organization have a culture of teamwork and cooperation?
  8. Would you recommend our organization to your friends and colleagues due to the culture?

These are some of the topics that you should consider including when designing an employee engagement survey. For survey consulting, get in touch with the experts of Ambivista. We can help you to create data-driven actions to elevate your organization to the next level.

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