Why Use Surveys to Measure Brand Awareness

Do you ever wonder how well customers are able to recall and recognize your brand? If so, conduct a brand awareness survey.

It’s a good idea to reach out to your customers directly by conducting surveys to measure their awareness of your brand. You will be able to determine the root causes of problems and identify opportunities for growth by combining insights found through surveys. It can help make a difference in consumers’ brand choice and purchase behavior that may lead to your organization’s growth.

Brand awareness surveys help see what works for your brand and what does not. Some of the brand awareness aspects tracked by surveys are:

Brand Perceptions

Consumers often have a perception of the brand after exposure to the brand message through PR, promotional programs, and advertising. By using surveys, you will learn more about the customer’s belief related to the price and value of the product and non-product related attributes. Include questions in the survey to determine what perception your consumer market has developed based on their experience with the brand.

Brand Usage

Surveys will give you insight into customer usage levels and spending. It will also tell you how people heard about your brand, more about their shopping behavior, including their preferences for purchasing and shopping.

Buying Purpose

Surveys will help to measure the likelihood of consumers choosing your brand over another and how likely they will continue with it. Below are questions to include in the survey to measure your brand’s health:

  • Why did you purchase this product?
  • Are you happy with the quality of the product?
  • Are you satisfied with our brand services?
  • Would you like to suggest anything?

These questions are just a few that will help you to predict the actual purchasing behavior of your customers.

Conduct surveys to collect quantitative data from consumers on a regular basis. Regular brand tracking is not easy and can be daunting daunting. However, with the use of the right software and with brand awareness campaigns conducted monthly, quarterly, or annually, your organization can gather valuable insights about how others perceive your brand. Furthermore, brand surveys can contribute to brand equity and marketing activities.

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