Why Should You Abandon Paper Questionnaires in Favor of Online Survey Tools?

Online survey tools can be effective data collection solutions for a wide range of research and research-related purposes. Unfortunately, many may still rely on traditional paper questionnaires, which are riddled with issues. Below are a few reasons why you should stop using paper questionnaires and switch to online survey tools instead.

They cut down costs

You won’t need to hire additional employees to perform menial tasks like data entry, re-checking questionnaires, or preparing analytical reports if you use online survey tools. Some survey projects can be extremely difficult and expensive for surveyors to carry out due to geographical conditions and limitations. Surveyors with access to the Internet can conduct surveys via online survey tools, ultimately lowering overhead costs.

They save you time

Results will be updated immediately if you use online survey software. That is, you won’t have to wait for someone else to input and synthesize the data for each respondent. As data are updated automatically, researchers will be able to immediately reduce the number of steps in the survey process. Computers can now perform data collection tasks that were previously performed manually, such as calculating figures, posting notifications, sending surveys to surveyors, and creating reports.

They are much simpler to analyze

When survey software is used, data is collected more systematically and intuitively, making it easier for researchers to analyze and report the results. They usually provide pre-designed survey and report templates for researchers who don’t require extensive analysis. Researchers can create general overview reports to track the survey’s progress and calculate preliminary results in just a few simple steps.

They are much easier to revise

When surveys are conducted using paper questionnaires, the researcher can only design the questionnaire once, and they will not be able to change any questions or collect new data without reprinting completely new survey forms. However, with the best survey tools, the questionnaire’s content can be changed and relaunched at any time. With a few clicks in the system, survey administrators can send updated versions of the survey to respondents.

Using the best online survey tool can save you time and money in the long run, whether you’re conducting a small or large-scale survey. It may take some time to become acquainted with these tools, but it is well worth your time and effort to learn how to use technology to your advantage.

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