Why It Is Essential to Incorporate 360 Feedback in Your Organization?

360 degree feedback surveys offer leaders the opportunity to become more aware and identify their strengths and developmental areas. Reliable and honest feedback is essential to check one’s self-perception. Becoming self-conscious is the first step towards bringing about a positive change in oneself that will ultimately increase organizational performance.

Some benefits of 360 Degree Feedback are:  

  1. Helps Increase Self-Awareness

360 feedback survey helps employees gain a true insight into where they actually stand and how they are performing within their actual work. This feedback is less prone to being biased, thus it helps individuals become more aware of themselves.

  1. Creates an Open Culture

As one gets feedback from their colleagues, subordinates as well as managers, the employee is exposed to a more open culture leading to improved productivity among teams.

  1. Empowers Leaders and Employees Both

It’s important for employees to feel empowered and that they have a voice. Otherwise, they become detached and feel they’re not valued by their managers and the organization as a whole.

  1. Lessens managerial and employee turnover

Open and positive communication always helps uncover issues that may have been simmering below the surface. When employees feel empowered, they’re less likely to switch jobs.

  1. Increases Accountability

360 feedback also helps increase the accountability of the employees. When an organization reinforces responsibility, it helps raise employee engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, if you put an employee in the driver’s seat, giving them the responsibility of the task and making them accountable for it, they’re more likely to see that task through to completion.


360 feedback is an inclusive feedback system, where employees at the leadership, managerial, and executive levels can come together and engage in honest and open feedback. Here, all involved individuals are able to identify areas where they’re doing well and where they need to put extra efforts, leading to overall improvement and growth among leaders and employees. Last but not the least, be sure that you choose the right Enterprise Feedback Management Software to get accurate results. The Ambivista CompleteView™ 360 platform offers flexible and affordable 360s. Get started today.

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