Why 360 Feedback Is a Preferred Choice of Millennials?

Today, the way we operate as a group has become much more important than ever. Millennials, who constitute an ever-increasing proportion of the working population, have grown up in the digital world of reviews and ratings, like generation Z at the beginning of their career journeys. In order to develop a healthy work environment that empowers people, creates partnerships, and fosters a climate of free thinking and open communication – introducing a 360 feedback program is a perfect solution. We have mentioned some of the benefits below for you to read.

Millennials and Gen Z Wants to Grow

It’s no secret that millennials are hungry for jobs, but from People Insight’s Employee Survey benchmarks, only 43% of respondents believe that their job goals are being met. Unfulfilled workers are contributing to increased turnover. The introduction of a 360 feedback model offers millennials the ability to take their job opportunities into their own hands and make immediate adjustments to how they function and communicate with others around them. Looking at the broader picture, how it affects the team, the department or even the company as a whole, big positive changes will take place in a very short period of time. That fits well with millennials who are used to seeking answers to many of their problems through a fast Google search.

360 Feedback Facilitates a Balanced Two-Way Dialogue

One of the most common concerns in employee engagement surveys is that their managers do not give them input. Just 50% of respondents state that their line manager takes time to train and improve their skills. For millennials, for whom growth is important – this is truly demotivating. 360 feedback systems offer managers and their people a reason to speak, agenda items to address and can set off constructive, two-way conversation.

360 Feedback Tools Are Easy to Set Up and Fast to Deliver Results

The good news is that 360 feedback systems are easy to set up and produce with the help of a survey administration company. For our own part, we have built a 360° system that can be deployed quickly and easily via a multitude of devices, with the help desk staffed by experienced managers. This gives all workers, potentially over five generations – an intuitive user interface with performance that really allows managers and their people to participate in productive growth conversations.

As we have said, 360 feedback is normal and important in today’s workplace. By using Ambivista’s 360 feedback tool, you can help your employees focus on their career development and feel more listened to and involved in your organization.

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