Tips to Find the Right Respondents for Your Online Survey

Surveys play an important role in data collection across many research areas. To make your survey successful, invite a group of qualified survey respondents. The more participants who complete your survey, the more data you’ll collect that can help you make informed decisions. However, identifying the right survey respondents is imperative to conduct effective surveys which will turn up the most insightful results.

How to Identify the Right Survey Respondents

Researchers usually make sure they build and design an effective survey. But, many times they neglect to focus on the target audience. It is equally imperative to spend a significant amount of effort to identify the survey respondents to fill out your questionnaire so that your efforts do not go to waste.

If you want to identify the right survey respondents to assist you with your research, consider these three options.

Use Panel Audiences

Many researchers find the use of panel services as the most efficient way to identify the right survey respondents.

Online survey panels help identify the right online survey audience that directly matches and fit your needs. With this identification process, you will be able to use your marketing budget more efficiently.

The Ambivista nQuire online survey panel team is able effectively perform the legwork required to identify the ideal online sample audience for your research. No matter how general of a group or specialized your niche, we are able to help connect you with the right respondents to uncover new insights.  

Use Website Traffic

When it comes to identifying survey respondents, take advantage of your organic site traffic. What is “organic traffic”? It is the term used to indicate the number of visitors landing on your website. The homepage of your site is quite a valuable source to identify survey respondents.

When you have visitors browsing your website, why not to invite them to take your survey? Post the survey link on your website’s homepage and allow your visitors to do the rest. This way, you will be able to have ideal survey respondents without spending much effort.

Take Advantage of In-House Contact Lists

Has your business established large contact lists? If yes, then you can probably leverage ideal survey respondents from your contact list. This option is great, especially when you are limited by budgetary constraints.

Email marketing has become a common way to interact with your client base to promote your brand and increase sales. To offer better clarity to the respondents, design a landing page to explain the study briefly.

When it comes to sending the email to your respondents, invite them to fill your survey. You will see the survey results effectively if your landing page and email copy are optimized properly.

Not getting enough response data from people that fit your requirements? Then send iterations of your email to new recipients continuously. Offer free access to e-books and other attractive resources to get the ball rolling.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to present your questions to the right groups of people. With Ambivista’s nQuire online survey panel services, you can identify the survey respondents conveniently and accurately in your research budget.

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