The Role Of Human Resources in Improving Employee Experience And Its Business Implications

Employee experience is eclipsing customer experience as a priority in some companies, owing to studies showing that staff who have a better employee experience serve customers better. In fact, over 50% of mid-sized businesses that had rapid growth in the previous year focused on improving the employee experience.

Employees that have a positive employee experience are more likely to perform better, be happier, and be more engaged. Employees require stable and secure work environments that give both financial and career security. They also require jobs that fulfil their own purpose and help them feel as if they are contributing to greater goals that are meaningful to them and align with their motives.

What Role Does HR Play?

Human resource departments are typically in charge of developing the employee experience, which is strongly linked to employee engagement. Internal communications, which can be used to frame and widely disseminate company messaging and initiatives in the form of email, video, and other mediums, are critical to an endeavour to improve the employee experience. However, initiatives to improve employee experience will fail unless there is buy-in at the top levels of the business.

Employee experience pervades all aspects of the business and must be treated as such. This covers how the company is advertised to potential employees as well as an IT strategy that makes use of tools that assist people to accomplish their tasks, discover information, and collaborate. And it’s all a product of the company’s culture, which is impacted by managerial style.

The Implications for Business?

The employee experience can have a direct impact on a company’s success. Employee engagement is higher in organizations that deliver outstanding employee experiences, and companies with highly engaged employees are 21 percent more profitable than those with poor engagement. Companies that have a fantastic employee experience, according to the business, can better attract talent, boost engagement, productivity, and retention.

According to research, top-performing companies have a 10% greater customer loyalty rate. Employees of these companies are safer, with a reported reduction of more than 60% in safety incidents and a decrease in absenteeism.

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