The Ambivista Survey Insights Suite provides nearly 100 ways to ask a question. For each question type, there are a plethora of settings to customize the functionality of your question even further. From tooltips, to display orientations, to content validations—you can rest assured that if it’s askable, Ambivista offers a solution to meet your needs.

Below is a collection of some of the prominent question types that you’ll find within the Ambivista Survey Insights Suite.

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions, the most question type amongst online surveys, offers respondents a variety of ways to provide an answer. This includes single answer, multiple answer, and dropdown lists. The system also supports various display orientations and content validations.

Text Entry

Text entry questions allow respondents to provide open-ended feedback. This feedback can be captured in a number of different ways, from single line, to multiple line, to essay textboxes. The system also supports online form fields such as email address, phone number, date, number, and address fields.

Matrix Table

Matrix table questions provide an efficient way to collect multiple data points within a condensed and efficient format. In particular, questions and response options are arranged in a table format, with a common configuration being questions listed vertically and response options listed horizontally across the top. The system also supports single answer, multiple answer, and dropdown lists.

Rank Order

Rank order questions allow respondents to reorder and arrange options in order of their preference. While drag and drop is the most common configuration type, the system also supports various others as well including up and down, text box, and radio button.

Descriptive Text

Descriptive text questions are non-interactive question types that allow you to display content of interest. This content may be standard text (such as introductory text or instructions) or can include multimedia (such as images).

Dynamic Sum

Dynamic sum questions allow respondents to attribute numerical values to items that is dynamically summed—either visibly or invisibly to the respondent. This feedback can be captured in various orientations (vertical or horizontal) and with various validation options.

Drill Down

Drill down questions allow respondents to interactively select from an initially broad category to more narrowly-focused response options. To aid in the creation of this question type, the system supports upload from a CSV file.

Side by Side

Side by side questions, a special type of matrix question,allow respondents to provide input on dichotomous comparisons across various items. The system also supports single answer, multiple answer, and dropdown lists.


Captcha questions are used to ensure that your respondents are human. This is accomplished by requesting respondents respond to an easy challenge designed for humans, but difficult for machines. These question types are especially helpful for surveys published with open links as a way to maintain the integrity of your data.

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