The Ambivista Survey Insights Suite provides you with the ability to seamlessly integrate your survey directly on your external website or web application. Whether you wish to simply have a white label survey experience or if you wish to take it a step further and leverage our API to automatically transfer data for your embedded survey, Ambivista has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Below is an overview of the key functionalities available within Ambivista’s Embedded Surveys.


Configurable settings

No two websites are alike, and your site is no different. With the Ambivista Survey Insights Suite, you can configure a number of settings to ensure that your survey is embedded on your site in a way that matches your unique needs.

Simple implementation

To embed your survey, you only need to copy a small code snippet and paste it directly into your webpage. In just a couple of minutes, your survey could be up and running, it’s as simple as that!

API supportable

Do you have more advanced needs, such as automatically transferring survey data directly to a database on your website? Or, do you wish to create a workflow on your website with actions dependent on survey results? Level-up your respondent experience by leveraging the Ambivista API for the ultimate white label experience.

Start building your first survey now

Start building your first survey now

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