The Ambivista Survey Insights Suite provides the industry-leading survey designer brand studio. With over 100 unique branding and design settings, you can control everything from theme type, question formatting, survey element formatting, survey transitions, and more. With such fine-tuned control over your survey aesthetics, you can capture your brand, your way.

Below is a collection of some of the prominent brand studio features that you’ll find within the Ambivista Survey Insights Suite.


Theme Selector

To provide a starting point, you can select from two primary survey theme styles. Want sleek styling? Select the modern theme. In a retro mood? Select the classic theme.


Add your logo or custom survey header. After doing so, adjust the positioning to your liking.

Survey Layout

You have full control over numerous elements of your survey layout. Adjust formatting of survey names, survey sections, and survey footers.

Question Layout

Adjust over a dozen various settings for your question layout. This includes question formatting, question containers, radio button style, and more.

Survey Elements

Adjust almost two dozen configurations from progress bar style and formatting, scroll bars, button adjustments, and more.


Customize your survey background using a variety of colors to match your brand or even upload your own corporate imagery to serve as the foundation of your survey.


Out the box, you can incorporate some of the sleekest transitions to spruce up your survey experience. Ambivista supports question effects (such as question auto-progress) as well as cool page transitions (such as sliding effects).

Start building your first survey now

Start building your first survey now

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