Improve Survey Data Insights Using Text Analysis

Do you want to turn the qualitative responses of your survey into actionable insights? If so, then consider text analysis, more formally known as qualitative analysis.

Text analysis is a useful and convenient methodology used to thematically code and transform these themes into actionable insights. In particular, it helps to build detailed reports on the response data, which allows for more powerful and informative insights. How is this done? Well, put quite simply, it requires going through, comment by comment, and analyzing the comments for key themes and commonalities. While there are debates with its use, you could even consider quantifying your qualitative themes as well.

Have a look at some of the instances in which text analysis can help:

Analyzing customer feedback data

How likely are your customers to recommend you, your products and/or your services? The best form of advertisement is word of mouth.

The Net Promoter Score, commonly referred to as NPS, is a customer loyalty metric that gauges just that – how willing a customer is to recommend your product or service. While the NPS, in and of itself isn’t gathered in comment form, you should absolutely consider qualitative follow-ups within your Net Promoter Survey. For example, you could ask follow-ups on why they would or wouldn’t recommend your products or services.

In case of “open text field” questions  

If you want to get a deeper-level understanding of your customers, you could also include open-ended text fields on your other surveys as well.

Including the open text field in your survey allows your respondents to express themselves in ways that standard survey items do not facilitate. This can, for example, help you gather more information about your customers’ perceptions of your product and services.  Text analysis on responses really helps you to identify trends and get extremely granular with extracting insights.

By using this approach, you can gather data on questions that may have otherwise never been asked. This ultimately allows you to continually increase the effectiveness of your surveys.

While text analysis can be time-consuming, it is definitely worth the effort. This can be facilitated most easily with the best survey software, the Ambivista Survey Insights Suite. Though if you’d rather leave it to the experts, consider Ambivista’s data analysis services that are a part of our survey administration services. Indeed, Ambivista is the one-stop-shop for uncovering valuable insights from your employees and customers.

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