How Your 360-Degree Feedback System May Be Failing You and How to Fix It

Even though it is an excellent employee evaluation tool, your 360-degree feedback system may be failing you for a number of reasons.

To ensure the success of your 360 feedback system, you must consider the factors that will reduce its effectiveness as well as the steps you can take to prevent mistakes.

You pose questions that sidestep talking about the traits and actions that affect employee performance.

The 360 feedback system is not intended to tell employees they are performing “well” or “badly” on a random basis. It exists to examine how particular behaviors affect performance and how they can be made better.

How to fix it:

Make sure the questions you ask focus on particular abilities and conduct. Instead of asking employees to rate how well a person performs their job, for instance, ask them to rate how well a person exhibits a particular technical skill or behavior relevant to their job.

You don’t promote being truthful in your 360 feedback responses.

Inaccurate feedback will make it more difficult for your 360-degree review to identify an employee’s strengths and developmental opportunities.

How to fix it:

360-degree feedback won’t be of any use if it’s not valued or desired within the organization.By highlighting a 360-degree system’s anonymous nature, you can encourage complete honesty from your staff.

You are using 360 feedback to identify individuals.

Using 360 feedback only on underperforming employees restricts its effectiveness. This is because everyone has room for improvement, and 360 feedback can show you exactly where. When you target particular individuals, you may also convey the idea that 360-degree feedback is a tool for development rather than a means of retribution for subpar employees.

How to fix it:

Ensure that you are using 360-degree feedback to evaluate every employee in your company, from executives to associates at the entry level.

Are you looking for a 360-degree feedback system that works?

Ambivista offers easily customizable 360 Degree Feedback Software that can collect important feedback about employees from coworkers, customers, and even the employees themselves.To find out more about how our 360 feedback can benefit your business, contact us today!

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