How Vital Is 360 Feedback for the Growth of an Organization

Feedback is an important part of growth, performance, and development. Without it, we tend to invent our own realities.

Understanding ourselves and how we communicate with others help us understand the influence we have on those around us. The opinions of others within our circle of influence often impact our level of success, whether those perceptions are accurate or not. This is where 360 feedback survey comes in.

The first step in enhancing organizational or individual performance is getting an awareness of our level of performance. Many of us have incomplete insights ofhow others see us. This may lead to ineffective communication and reduced overall efficacy. We can’t improve ourselves until we are aware of our behaviors and how others see them.

360-Degree Feedback Uses

Many organizations today use 360 feedback in some way or another, though the motives are different. Based on the requirements of your company, it is important to align the 360 feedback survey process to reach your goals:

  1. Targeted growth
  • Focus on career and personal development
  • Know your strengths and areas where you need to improve
  • Createa personalized action plan
  1. Team Effectiveness
  • Focus on team-effectiveness skills, along with strengths and areas for improvement
  • Allow groups to come forward to share their objectives and work better as a team
  • Supports a safe environment to share opinions
  1. Performance Appraisal
  • Generate a 360 perspective of job performance
  • Provides an objective and accurate view of individual effectiveness and contributions
  • Factor outcomes into administrative actions

In some cases, 360 feedback can be used to achieve all of the above objectives but it may take a couple of iterations to create acceptance from all leaders. Start with the goal of personal development with the first 360 surveys. When you conduct 360 surveys again, generally one year later, you can add more accountability for the outcomes by using them for performance appraisal and team development.

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