How to Get Your Team Ready for 360 Degree Feedback

The most effective performance assessments are those that are the most reliable and valid. A 360-degree input looks at the employee from all angles (as the name suggests), including but not limited to: managers, co-workers, direct reports, the employee him or herself, and many others. Many people are not familiar with this up-and-coming trend, given that 69% of businesses still evaluate their team’s success with outdated methods. This means that making the switch will require a little planning to prepare for their 360feedback campaigns. So, take these steps to get your team ready for their feedback.

Communicate What 360 feedback Is Going to Cover

If you administer performance reviews on an annual or bi-annual basis, it is important to inform your employee exactly what they will cover. The performance of the last project? Complete performance? Or None of the above? Employees do not want uncertainty in their analysis, they want real constructive feedback. About 90% of people would have preferred to provide negative feedback during their review. Employees need to know if their performance is compatible with company values, and they want to live up to those requirements. Although it will be frustrating to send this news to staff, it will also yield better results after 360 feedback.

Explain How It Works to Those Who Have Never Been Part of 360-Degree Feedback

If you’ve never given 360-degree feedback, it’s going to be a learning curve for everyone. Determine how the mechanism works and what it will look like when the time comes. In the United States and Canada alone, 47% of organizations use this method of evaluation to collect and provide information on the performance of employees. What remains is a relatively large number of businesses that do not engage in 360 feedback sessions for performance assessment purposes. This is the reason that most of your team members won’t know what the process is all about from the outset.

Reveal Anonymity

Some organizations disclose which co-workers participate in the 360 feedback, whereas others allow for anonymity. Ambivista’s 360 feedback tool allows users the ability to control levels of anonymity and data redaction. The use of anonymous feedback allows employees to feel they can participate without being judged for their opinion. This, consequently, eliminates unnecessary bias.

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