How to Customize Your Surveys

Custom surveys are surveys tailored to suit your needs. The surveys can even be branded. Branding the survey helps the brand to interact better with the respondents. People who get attracted to your methods will hardly resist taking the survey.

Here are top tips on customizing your surveys when you make survey online:

  1. Care for your design: Whenever you make surveys online, ensure that the font, colors, and styles are matching your brand. Ensure tat you add your logo and colors to help customers identify with the survey as they do with your brand.
  2. Create a long lasting theme: Make a theme that is based on your colors and this will make respondents immediately familiarize with your brand once they open the survey. Besides, it will save you a lot of time because you can reuse it without having to create it again.
  3. Focus on your own brand: As you create or make surveys online or custom surveys, some companies that allow you to create the surveys put their branding text on free plans. You can sign up for a paid account in order to remove the footer that advertises the online survey company instead of your company.
  4. Add url: This is a great part of customizing surveys because it links back to your site. It simply helps to keep interacting with your brand.
  5. Be smart: Unfortunately, the days of pulling anything as a design for survey are long gone. Part of creating a custom survey is ensuring that you pull a good design and research what makes a good design to attract recipients.

Make sure your respondents know when to expect your surveys. As a company, you also need to spend some time researching on what makes your customer happy. Dig on what makes a good survey for your company type. It is also important to understand responses for your previous surveys. Ask why they were not satisfactorily answered or why they were, and use that knowledge to improve present or future surveys.

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