Five benefits of online surveys over paper surveys

Paper surveys are becoming a thing of the past. Today, online surveys are taking over. Check out these top five reasons you should opt for online surveys over paper ones:

  1. Anonymous. With online surveys, respondents are more likely given the opportunity to remain anonymous. Because they can remain anonymous, the respondents are most likely to answer questions candidly and honestly. This can provide more valid data.
  2. Fast & efficient. With paper surveys, it takes a long time to administer, collect, and analyze data from the surveys. Online surveys can be coded in a matter of minutes. Results are collected immediately. When the survey ends, all data is available for easy analysis in your statistical program of choice.
  3. Paper surveys are expensive. There are paper, printing, and postage costs. If you are doing an in-person or telephone survey with an interviewer, it will also cost to hire manpower. Online surveys do not incur any of these costs given that everything is virtual.
  4. More advanced survey design. Paper surveys can be long and elaborate. However, when they are, they are confusing to respondents. Online surveys allow for advanced skip logic but make skipping around less confusing. Respondents can navigate the survey quickly and easily leading to less frustration and survey fatigue.
  5. Allowing for randomization. When respondents always answer the same option for every question, this can skew the results and decrease the validity of the survey. Re-arranging survey questions can avoid this issue. You can randomize questions on a paper survey. However, you will need to create various versions of the survey, which can get costly and complicated. Online surveys allow for randomization with a simple click of a button.
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