Effective Ways to Survey Your Employees

Are you searching for effective ways to collect feedback on employee satisfaction, employee engagement, company events, or general employee preferences? There are many ways to reach employees, but a survey is one of the most effective ways. To build a better workplace, it’s important to make eliciting feedback easy and fun with surveys.

Below are some of the effective ways to engage your own employees with online surveys:

  1. Use Public Channels to Post Surveys Posting the web link of your survey on a company channel or group chat is effective to gather anonymous feedback from employees—particularly for informal surveys (e.g., quick polls, event preferences, etc.).Additionally, integrating surveys with services and tools, such as Slack channels, is another way to market your survey and even gain quick feedback on any number of topics. Likewise, it is also effective to post surveys in group chats, such as on Facebook Messenger.
  2. Engage employees in real time with QR codes QR codes are a great way to share a survey. For ongoing surveys, it is great to put up QR codes on monitors around the office for quick access.Try to be strategic where you place your QR codes. For example, if you are interested in restroom conditions, consider placing your QR codes within restrooms to ask employees about facilities issues. You can even choose to post a QR code on a monitor in your lobby to ask your guests about their office visit.
  3. Use email to send surveys for official communications When it comes to posting formal HR surveys, you should continue to leverage email. Sending surveys through email offers more control over who is receiving your surveys. With an email list, you can ensure that the whole company or specific department can have access to your survey.Try these effective ways to engage your employees in your research endeavors and you will surely be surprised by the results. You can leverage online survey tools to reach employees with surveys to collect essential information to improve your workplace.

    If you are looking for the best survey tool around, consider Ambivista. We are an enterprise feedback solution provider that allows the creation of great surveys to uncover insight from your customers and employees.

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