How can you become a better speaker?

Public speaking can be terrifying for many people. But it doe not have to be! An Inc. article highlights 25 tips to help improve your speaking skills:

  1. Take a course.
  2. Join a group.
  3. Practice.
  4. Prepare.
  5. Reach your audience.
  6. Use tools.
  7. Know your environment.
  8. Get experience.
  9. Watch others.
  10. Start with a bang.
  11. Put the audience to work.
  12. Encourage questions.
  13. Focus on the audience.
  14. Dress to impress.
  15. Avoid filler words.
  16. Focus on individuals.
  17. Walk.
  18. Breathe.
  19. Use prompts.
  20. Partner up.
  21. Record yourself.
  22. Ask for feedback.
  23. Bring the right tools.
  24. Practice articulation.
  25. Finish with a call to action.
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