A Guide to Creating the Best Online Survey

Surveys provide you with the insights you need to enhance and grow your business. However,if you don’t know how to create surveys in the correct way, you may miss opportunities to gain valuable insights. Essentially, you need to follow specific strategies to make effective surveys online that deliver the results you need. These strategies provide a better experience for your respondents and more useful results for your study.

Know Your Objective

The first step before creating a survey is to define your survey’s objective. In one case, survey insights can help you make an informed decision with customers. For instance, do you want to know what your customers feel about the product you have just launched so that you can decide whether or not you should manufacture another lot? In another case, surveys can help provide guidance around employee issues. For instance, do you want to determine whether management is meeting the needs of employees? Once you know your objective, you can decide what types of questions you need to ask in order to get your answer.

Ask Important Questions First

Respondents pay attention mostly at the beginning while filling out a survey. So, it’s essential to ask the most important questions first. If you put them at the end, chances are that respondents may not give much attention to them because they know they’re almost finished.

Keep Your Survey Short and Crisp

One of the main reasons why respondents leave a survey before finishing is because they find it too long and time-consuming. So, try to create a survey that takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Your respondents’ time is valuable, so you definitely don’t want to waste their time by providing them with an unnecessarily lengthy survey. Respondents might also answer lengthy surveys dishonestly because they’re in a hurry to finish the survey. For best results, keep your survey short and crisp.

Reassure Respondents of Anonymity

With many high-profile data breaches with other service providers, it’s not unusual for people to feel afraid about disclosing their information online. That’s why it’s important to leverage a secure platform and let your respondents know that their data is completely secure. If you’re collecting surveys anonymously, you should also reassure them of their anonymity so that they can feel greater comfort answering honestly.

Test Your Survey

Last but not the least, test your survey by sending it to your colleagues first. This should be done before sending it to your respondents. This will help you gain a sense of whether a survey flows well or if there is any room for improvement.

So, are you ready to start creating your best survey? Ambivista, being one of the best online survey panel and online survey panel companies, we offer unlimited possibilities for creating insightful surveys. Get started today!

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