6 Key Steps for Conducting Effective Online Surveys

With advanced technology, it has become easier to ask your customers what they think about your services, products, and overall business. An online survey is an effective way to reveal the customer’s true opinions and allow them to share their view. It’s easy to set up custom surveys if you follow the right path.

We have a lot of things to discuss, so let’s dive right in.

Step 1: Make research goals

What is the expected outcome of the survey? Are you looking for feedback on your services or products? Do you want to focus on a specific audience or on the general public? These questions and their answers will help you to decide how to target your survey.

Step 2: Design a list of questions

When writing the questions, choose any of these question types: open questions, closed questions, single- or multi-response questions, or matrix table questions. Short multiple-choice questions are often preferable. Make sure to keep the language simple and avoid ambiguity while writing the questions.

Step 3: Send an invitation to the participants

When it comes to inviting participants, you can choose to send it through multiple contact methods. The following are some of the most popular ways to invite participants to complete your online survey:

  • Send an email to your subscriber list
  • Send surveys by SMS
  • Post your survey on social media
  • Design a banner that can be displayed on other websites

Step 4: Increase your response rate

By offering an incentive to the participant, you can increase the response rate. You can also promise your participants that you will share a summary of the results, which may help increase the response rate of your survey. It is imperative to keep an eye on your response rate to ensure your results are most actionable.

Step 5: Evaluate the responses

Gather the responses and visualize the data in charts and graphs. This way, you will be able to quickly present your results in reports. By using an online survey tool, the gathered data is stored automatically so that you can start analyzing the results quickly.

Step 6: Create a report

Last, but not least, make a report explaining what you have found in your survey and whether the survey has met your research goals.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to conduct your online surveys effectively.

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