6 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions That Will Reveal a Lot

Employees who report high job satisfaction tend to achieve higher productivity in any organization. Have you ever thought of what really matters to employees? Apart from any perks you offer, they look for employee recognition on a regular basis.

If you ask numerous questions needing lengthy answers, think again. It is important that employees aren’t asked more than 15 or so questions. Plus, most of them should be multiple choices that range from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

To see just how versatile surveys can be, here is a list of some employee satisfaction survey questions that can be formed in either traditional quantitative (rating scale) or qualitative (open-ended) formats:

  1. Do you enjoy the culture of your company?
    Numerous factors, including interpersonal relationships and the work environment, make up the culture of your organization. If your employees are not satisfied with the culture, it can greatly affect their productivity.
  2. Do your employers recognize your work on a regular basis?
    Statistically, only 25% of employees feel that their employers recognize their work on a consistent basis. Therefore, if you want to take your organization to the next level, you’ll want to consider prioritizing employment recognition.
  3. Are you provided with the adequate tools and technologies to complete your work effectively?
    If you are an organization that provides the employees with inadequate tools and technology to handle their workload, it can affect the quality of the work they produce. It may be time to invest in newer tools or technology.
  4. Does your management communicate effectively when it comes to providing important information?
    It is important that the employees are made aware of all the major developments that happen within an organization. They will not feel satisfied or they will feel out of touch with the organization if the management is not able to effectively communicate.
  5. Do you have friendly relations with your coworkers?
    Workplace relationships are another important part of employee satisfaction. It is difficult for an employee to feel happy within in an organization if they don’t have friends or if they have strained interpersonal relationships with colleagues.
  6. Do you think that your office work is distributed evenly across your team?
    Many workers find it difficult to complete the allocated weekly work on time. This usually occurs when the team is overworked and when certain members have work piled on them while others do not. With surveys, you will be able to find out if employees believe that work is distributed equally to all the team members or if some changes will be required in workload management.

Therefore, when it comes to drafting survey questions, consider including some of the above-mentioned questions in your survey. If you handle dozens of employee satisfaction surveys in your organization, consider investing in an online survey tool to streamline the process and lighten your workload.

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