4 Effective Tips to Improve Survey Response Rates

Companies understand the importance of gathering feedback from customers to gain insights on how to improve products and services, but an organization can’t act if response rates are abysmal.

Improving survey response rates is crucial to the success of any survey campaign. You will have better coverage of what your customers think and will have less non-response bias. Simply adopt the tips shown below to ensure that respondents answer your surveys.

Be Quick and Simple

Keep the objective of your survey in your mind when creating it and include questions accordingly. Clearly tell respondents what the purpose of the research is and how the survey feedback will be used. Don’t include unnecessary questions and overload the survey. If your survey is short and precise, the chances are high that more respondents will complete it.

Offer incentives

In exchange for completing a survey, reward respondents with an incentive. Incentives come in many different forms,  they can be monetary or non-monetary, and offering incentives is a great way not only to increase response rates but to also thank respondents for their time.

Once you’ve determined what kind of incentive to provide, decide when you want to provide the incentive to your respondents. You can issue the incentive after they’ve completed the survey (promised) or before they even complete the survey (prepaid).

Send a Reminder

Sending a reminder is crucial to the success of the survey process to increase the response rate. There are many great online survey tools integrated with email systems that send the automated reminder notes to all those who have either not responded or have not yet completed your survey. It’s a great way to get targeted responses from a specific group.

Design Compatible Survey

To ensure high participation rates, design a survey compatible with desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices. Compatibility can be improved by improving the design of the surveys so that participants can fill the surveys on their desired platform – even on mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets. Make sure to test the survey on different devices to check the performance and ensure the compatibility of the survey.

These are some tips that will help you to increase the response rate of your survey.  Making a few small changes can double the number of survey responses. If you are seeking expert advice on conducting a survey, ask for help from our expert teams at Ambivista. Contact us today to assist with your next survey project.

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